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This week...making stuff and squirrels in my mothers loft...

St Valentines Day...St Valentine, I read is the patron saint of beekeeping, Bubonic Plague and Epilepsy...feel the love! Jokes aside, I hope all out there had a smashing weekend whatever the romance levels the experienced.

I have been firmly ensconced in the workshop today, testing out some new ideas, adding the diplodocus to my cannon of stud earring dinosaurs and trying to fettle a rabbit atop a spoon..

In other events... we experience the return of a rampant squirrel in my parents loft space! No matter how many entry holes are blocked up or stuffed with insulation the ninjas of the animal kingdom find their furry way above.

The humane traps set up on there last visit, were found empty (minus the peanutty bait) they must wait for the end of the squirrels tenancy.

The last visitor left behind a pile of nuts and a half chewed foam ear plug?!...must find out who the patron saint of squirrels might be!

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