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Anna Faine Jewellery is a collection of bespoke jewellery treasures, inspired by museums and galleries, books and all that is curious and wonderful. 

I hope you find keepsakes and souvenirs to celebrate memories and the unique experience that is 'A good day out'...... 

    I have had the pleasure of working with The British Museum, Museum of London, The Wellcome Collection, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and The Florence Nightingale amongst others. 

  I love collaborating with new institutions, whatever the size or brief, whether for a permanent collection, or temporary exhibition I offer no minimum order limits for new clients.




I specialise in bespoke collection ranges for Museum, Gallery’s and other cultural institutions.

 All the pieces are handmade in house from traceable precious metal, designed to celebrate your individual collections and themes. The service includes tailored, handmade packaging for each piece.

 I want to supply work, that is a reflection of the visitors experience, a treasured souvenir, as you ‘exit through the gift shop’


Please contact me via email, telephone or social media to discuss your project. 


 Shop the curious eye collection for a keepsake or the perfect gift, packaged to reflect your interests. 

More treasures coming soon to the store.....

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